Pesach 2020

Lago Maggiore, Italy

!כבר שנה שמינית ברציפות

Lago Maggiore

Italy, with the Alps Mountains in the background, Lake Maggiore stretching in the expanse, boats sailing in the breeze, with picturesque towns spread along the lake, and small islands peeping out from the water. There are ancient castles rising over the hills, including the towering palace of Isola Bella with its turrets and its abundance of grand gardens. All of these make for the perfect and magical setting for a Passover holiday prepared for you by the Feder Family and Tour Olam staff. The millions of tourists from around the world who explore and visit Italy are sure to visit the Lake Maggiore area and its numerous architectural sites, culture and ancient heritage. However, the height of the visit in the Lake’s area revolves around the stunning landscapes, the clear blue waters, the bays and the docks, especially in the spring.

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A Magnificent Passover Vacation with Tour Olam The Simplon Hotel, happily waiting to host you, is located in the heart of the magical and well-maintained park that stretches over about twenty thousands meters, and allows you to feel like you’re in another world. The view that can be seen from the hotel windows is simply breathtaking. At the hotel, a special emphasis is placed on complete aesthetic pleasure: all rooms feature modern and elegant design. In addition, every room available for your selection is furnished with air conditioning, a safe, voicemail, hairdryer, two telephones and a minibar. All of these are provided to make sure that you feel nice and cozy. You can also select upgraded rooms which include a charming sitting area, a private bath for your comfort and a pampering shower. The stunning suites that the hotel offers include an open and pleasant balcony. For the art lovers among you, we have a fantastic experience waiting for you. There is a breathtaking art gallery located in the corridor between the two nearby hotels – the Simplon and the Grand Hotel Dino. You can spend plenty of time to view the great works displayed there for your enjoyment. So, everything is ready, every detail has been planned, and a perfect and enjoyable family vacation with Tour Olam is awaiting you – with the most professional and courteous staff, for the last 20 years.

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The gastronomic aspect is in good hands, in the best tradition of the Feder family and the Tour Olam staff. Every gourmet meal, every delicacy between meals, are kosher and elegant, as is required during Passover. Under the excellent supervision of Rabbi D.S. Zoldan, Shlita. The hotel is strictly mehadrin kosher, with no legumes or shruya, with shmurah matzah (hand or machine). The main seder (for those interested in participating) will be spectacular, and will be conducted by an experienced rabbi and cantor. All this is part of the meaningful experience with Tour Olam, with the flavors and indulgence that only the Feder family’s guests are familiar with: indulgent and creative meals that complement your enjoyment and undoubtedly justify our motto: “Global Indulgence.” The hotel has a 24-hour open bar offering hot beverages and cakes. Kashrut and quality: Our kitchen is under the strict supervision of Rabbi David Shlomo Zoldan, Shlita, Dayan and Moreh Tzedek of the Seret Vishnitz community in Haifa. The kitchen and dining staff are chosen by well-known, experienced chefs that are very familiar with the Jewish kitchen and experienced in five-start gourmet cooking.


אטרקציות, פארק מים, שיעורים והווי לכל המשפחה
ההווי הרוחני? אל דאגה, אווירה יהודית אמיתית שהולמת את אורח החיים שלכם שוררת במקום. התפילות נערכות באולם מתאים ברוב עם ושיעורי דף היומי והרצאות תורניות נמסרים במקום על ידי טובי המרצים. גם ספרייה תורנית עשירה מצויה במקום לעיונכם.

פארק מים – פתוח במיוחד לאורחי תור עולם

פארק המים Aqua Lake מתמקד באטרקציות הקשורות למים. המתחם המשעשע את כל הגילאים פתוח לאורך ימות השנה והוא מהווה את פארק המים המודרני ביותר באגם מג’ורה, ומכיל: 3 בריכות, 3 מגלשות מים ו2 חופים.




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