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Austria with Tour Olam

If you go for Austria – Austrian Tyrol is the perfect place.

Snowy mountains, evergreen slopes, plenty of streams and flowing rivers … everything you need for a legendary vacation.

In the Innsbruck-Land District lies the capital of the Tyrol region – the city of Innsbruck, and 20 minutes away – we meet the most picturesque, magical town in the whole region – Seefeld.


1200 meters from sea level, mountains with snowy slopes, cross country, and attractive ski resorts, have made Seefeld a favorite town for tourists and families.

You will not need a car to enjoy numerous hiking trails and hundreds of miles of experiences, at any level you choose. Love action? Visit the musical street performances, get to know the active pedestrian zone of Seefeld.

And gather into a picturesque postcard that you never knew existed….

Have you maxed out on what the town has to offer? The train is waiting for you with a direct connection to Innsbruck and Munich!

The village of Seefeld- Nice to meet you!

Seefeld Lodge Hotel - A perfect alpine accomodation

 A short walk from the town center, in a quiet and pastoral location surrounded by green forest and snow-capped peaks, is the Seefeld Lodge ***.

Here you will enjoy huge public areas in a romantic style, (in the best alpine tradition…) a spacious dining room overlooking a green garden, a spacious synagogue, a large and shady courtyard, seating areas and a playroom for children. The rooms are spacious and cozy, and you will enjoy a luxurious seating area with a personal balcony facing a spectacular view.

The hotel’s kitchen is operated by the Tor Olam staff, with our best rich and diverse meals according to our international standard, with half board + an exclusive buffet for making sandwiches for lunch.

Why go specifically to Seefeld?

We, at Tor Olam want to give you a perfect experience, without unnecessary aggravations, so we are looking for the most strategic hotel, within easy reach of dozens of quality attractions.

Seefeld is an excellent starting point for all the magical sites of Austria, and it is also not far from Germany and Italy.

A little to the right, a little to the left – you are in the Levich gorge, in the city of Innsbruck, in the Swarovski factories and at the Olympic jump …

A few more meters and you reach Salzburg, the Krimmel Waterfalls, the Silver Mines, Lake Achensee, Neuschwstein Castle, the Ludwig Palace, the Bavarian Lakes, the Brenner Pass and the Dolomites, the Innsbruck Valley, the Imst, Landek, Serfaus, the Swiss Samnaon, Stuibenfall, and the Kaunertal glacier.

Dozens of options that will leave you wanting more.


with Tour-olam

All the Flavors of Indulgence: Gourmet with Tour Olam
Before, during and after all the attractions, trips, experiences and views – there is another meaningful experience waiting for you. Tour Olam will give you an experience of taste and abundance that only the Feder family’s guests are familiar with: indulgent and creative meals that complement your enjoyment and undoubtedly justify our motto: “Global Indulgence.”

We will start the morning with a rich breakfast offering a particularly wide variety of delicious salads, breads, dairy and more. You are invited to treat yourself with a good meal to start a great day, and to take a delicious, filling packed meal with you for an experience-filled trip today.
In the evening, when you return satisfied and tired to the hotel, Tour Olam’s skilled and dedicated staff will be waiting for you with a hot, indulgent and scrumptious meal fit for kings: fine gourmet cuisine, a variety of flavors and aromas, desserts that will surprise you again and again with each flavor they offer.
The hotel has a 24-hour open bar offering hot beverages and cakes.
Kashrut and quality: Our kitchen is under the strict supervision of Rabbi David Shlomo Zoldan, Shlita, Dayan of the Seret Vishnitz community in Haifa.

Day trips in Seefeld:

The hotel has an information center that provides help and assistance in planning day trips for the independent traveler.

In addition, there will be guided tours by a Hebrew-speaking guide

The guided hiking trails are:

The guided tours are for an additional fee.

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Departure dates -Shortened track

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