Lago Maggiore, Italy

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Lago Maggiore

Located on the Italian Lake Maggiore with the mountainous Alps in the backgrounds,  boats sailing in the breeze along with the picturesque town, the small islands sprouting from the water. Ancient castles rising over the hills, the towering palace of Isola Bella surrounded by exquisite gardens.

The location couldn’t be more perfect for a magical Pesach to be pampered and cared for by the Feder Family and Tour Olam staff.

Tourists visiting all ensure they stop at Lake Maggiore and surrounding architectural sites to view the culture and ancient heritage. In early spring the Lake’s area reveals stunning landscapes, clear blue waters, and the beautiful docks and bays.


Located in the heart of the magical and well-maintained park, the Simplon Hotel is situated on twenty-two thousand meters and feels like an escape to paradise. The views from the hotel windows are breathtaking and refreshing. 

At the hotel, a special emphasis is placed on aesthetic pleasure and your ultimate pleasure. All rooms feature modern and elegant design. In addition, every room available for your selection is furnished with air conditioning, a safe, voicemail, hairdryer, two telephones, and a minibar. You can also select upgraded rooms which include a charming sitting area, a private bath for your comfort and a pampering shower. The stunning suites that the hotel offers include an open and pleasant balcony.

For the art lovers among you, we have a fantastic experience waiting. The is a breathtaking art gallery located in the corridor between the two nearby hotels – the Simplon and the Grand Hotel Dino is open. You can spend plenty of time to view the great works displayed there for your enjoyment.

Every last detail is planned to ensure your family vacation with Tour Olam is that what dreams are made of! Our professional and courteous staff awaits to serve you with the signature class. 


As per tradition by the Feder Family and the Tour Olam staff, the food aspect will delight. Gourmet meals complete with stringent Hashgoche that is Kosher and elegant with Pesach hashagoche kept to the letter of the law. Our kitchen is under the excellent supervision of Rabbi D.S. Zoldan, Shlita. The hotel is strictly mehadrin kosher, with no kitnoyos and only shmurah matzah (hand or machine). The main seder (for those interested in participating) will be spectacular and will be conducted by an experienced Rabbi.

Our meals all justify our ‘Global Indulgence’ motto with indulgent and creative meals and a succulent experience.

The 24-hour open bar offers hot beverages and Kosher L’Pesach cakes and treats. 

The kitchen and dining staff are curated and chosen by the well known and experienced chef familiar with the Jewish kitchen and are experienced in five-star gourmet cooking.

Fun for the Family

It’s for the whole family

Our program encompasses your spiritual wellbeing too. Our emphasis on the Jewish atmosphere is our tradition. Tefillos are completed in their designated hall, Shuirim and Torah Talks are delivered by renowned Rabbis. A rich Torah library is also available for your reference.

The water park is open exclusively for our guests. 

Aqua Lake Water Park focuses on water-related attractions. The all-ages entertaining complex is open throughout the year and is the most modern water park in Lake Maggiore containing 3 pools, 3 water slides, and 2 beaches.